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Breakfast & Lunch

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Kāneʻohe Elementary School Menus

Breakfast Prices

Regular Student Price: $1.10
Reduced Student Price: $0.30
Adult Price: $2.40

Lunch Prices

Regular Student Price: $2.50
Reduced Student Price: $0.40
Adult Price: $5.50

Breakfast Service

7:20 – 7:40

Advanced Sales

Parents must pay for all of their child’s meals at Kaneohe Elementary and maintain a positive balance in their accounts. We strongly recommend that parents use to add money to their accounts.
Parents may also fill out an envelope and drop it in a box at the office during office hours of 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. daily. The envelope is titled “Advanced Meal Payment” and asks for the following information: Child’s name, homeroom, grade, and amount to be credited to the student’s account. Please pay a week before the monies expire to ensure the credit will be in your child’s account.
Parents are responsible for keeping their child’s account current at all times. The DOE does not have funding resources to give free food or alternate meals to students.
The school meal program is a federally funded child nutrition program. Adults may not eat or take home food previously served to students.
USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

Meal Accounts

Please check your child’s payment reminder slip daily (except Wednesdays). Our program will show a negative balance indicating your child has borrowed money. Parents are responsible for keeping their child’s account current at all times. Please make timely deposits into your child’s meal account to avoid a negative balance. The best practice is to make a deposit as soon as your child brings home the payment reminder slip. Thank you!
Note to parents: If your child requests a second full lunch when available, he or she will need to pay an extra $5.50. Please make sure your child understands this and it is okay with you to pay an additional $5.50 for a second full lunch. It doesn’t matter whether your child’s first lunch is full price, reduced price, or free. Alternatively, children may choose to get a second main entree (the part of the lunch that is in the largest tray compartment) for $2.00. A second breakfast now costs $2.40 regardless if their first breakfast was at full price, reduced price, or free.
Kaneohe Elementary must follow federal standards and guidelines to be able to continue to receive reimbursements for student meals. Since this is a student meal program, adults may not take or eat any food that was previously served to students, even if the students do not plan to eat or drink the food item(s). Adults cannot take, for their consumption or for their child to eat later, any unopened milk or pre-packaged food from their child’s plate. If Kaneohe Elementary School is found to be non-compliant, the school will lose benefits that presently supplement the cost of the meals.
The menu is subject to change.

See if you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunches by applying at

Meal Counting & Claiming
  • Anonymous student or adult sales are not permitted.
  • Students who don’t have enough funds in their accounts will show a negative balance indicating the child has borrowed money. Lunch loan slips will be sent home.
  • Lunch loans should be paid by the following school day. Calls are made to parents of overdue lunch loan recipients.
  • Students who are not enrolled at Kaneohe Elementary and are not public school students, or are public school students and are not on campus for an approved school function, or are students attending private schools, or students too young to attend school shall pay adult prices for all meals served.