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Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

We are ‘ohana at Kāne‘ohe Elementary School, where all students are inspired to embrace learning and discover their passions

Vision for our environment

Everyone will be Resilient

Everyone perseveres

Everyone shows a positive attitude
Everyone understands that mistakes are part of learning
Everyone practices self-regulation

Everyone will be Responsible

Everyone is accountable for their responsibilities
Everyone understands and follows clear and consistent processes and procedures
Everyone demonstrates the 5Rs
Everyone strives to do his/her best

Everyone will be Resourceful

Everyone displays a CAN DO attitude

Everyone shows initiative
Everyone finds, adopts and invents effective and caring ways of solving problems

Everyone will maintain positive Relationships

Everyone contributes toward a physically and emotionally safe environment
Everyone is courteous
Everyone is considerate, helpful, honest and trustworthy
Everyone demonstrates good sportsmanship

Everyone will be Respectful

Everyone cares for and keeps the campus clean
Everyone collaborates
Everyone communicates respectfully
Everyone practices positive intent
Everyone practices open and positive communication
The vision also includes actions for curriculum, instruction and assessment.
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