Book Fair is Coming to KES!

Aloha KES Ohana,
We are excited to announce that we will be having our Scholastic Book Fair from November 28, 2022 to December 2, 2022!
Grades PreK - 1 will preview the book fair with their class on Monday (28th) or Tuesday (29th). During that time, they will be given an order form of all books available in their age range as well as the many trinkets and items available.  We will help them mark the items on their wish list. They will bring that form home so that you may decide together what purchases to make. Please complete and return the order form that will be attached to the wish list.  Upon receipt of the order form and payment, our book fair team will process the order, and deliver the items to your child's classroom by Friday (12/2). 
Grades 2 - 6 will preview the book fair with their class on Monday or Tuesday and bring home a handwritten wish list so that you may decide together what purchases to make. They will return to the library with their wish list and their money to shop on either Wednesday (11/30) or Thursday (12/01). Their teacher will inform you of their scheduled shopping day.
*Please be sure to include 4.712% tax when calculating the total for your child's purchase.
You may also shop online from November 28th - December 11th to support our school. If you would like to shop online, please click here and scroll down until you see the "shop online" section.
The book fair will be open after school on Wednesday (11/30) from 1:35-3pm and Thursday (12/01) from 2-3pm. We kindly ask that PreK-2nd graders are accompanied by an adult. Parking is located on the lower field. If your child goes to an after school program (A+, Lokahi, etc.), please have them check in with their supervisor first. 
We would greatly appreciate volunteers willing to help at our book fair. To sign up, please click here or you may email us at [email protected] with any questions. The sign up sheet will close on November 18th.
We encourage creating an eWallet as it is a safe and easy way for your child to shop. To create an eWallet or to learn more, please click here
Only the following three forms for payment will be accepted.  No checks will be accepted.
1.  eWallet
2.  Cash
3.  Credit card in your child's name
If you would like to help build your child's classroom library, you may donate to your child's teachers' eWallet.  A separate email will go out with our teachers' eWallet links.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].
Ms. Madi and Mrs. Tsukayama